Case Study

Maverick Metals

Maverick Metals is a professional metal fabricator, and a Forte Tooling Technologies customer. Renowned in the Winnipeg area for their attention to detail, Maverick Metals does all kinds of custom designs, primarily through plasma cutting.

However, they have had limited experience with stamping, and before working with Forte they were not forming their metal work.


What problem was Maverick Metals trying to solve?

A customer of Maverick Metals needed a small metal part, a bracket with some cutouts, but they needed a lot, more than 100,000. Maverick Metals needed to find a way to efficiently manufacture 3,000 of these brackets a week.
First, they tried laser cutting these brackets individually. Then, they manually put two necessary bends in the bracket. But this was a slow, inefficient, and ultimately, inconsistent process:

  1. With no equipment or experience in stamping, there were only so many brackets they could plasma cut in a week, and it was nowhere near the 3,000 they needed.
  2. From bracket to bracket, the shape was inconsistent.

They needed to find a solution and quick because they had a tight timeline to adhere to.


What solution did Forte provide?

That’s when Maverick Metals came to us. They showed us a sample part, the bracket they were trying to manufacture.

From there, we reverse engineered the project. We knew we had a tight timeline to observe, but ultimately, we landed on a single progressive forming die that works in stages, stamping the cutouts in the metal coil and forming the bends in the bracket to the highest degree of accuracy.

Our customer had never used a forming die before, but Forte coached him on how to implement it within his process.


What was the result of our solution?

Our client had a deadline and a budget to achieve that deadline, and we were able to do that for them, coming within budget and on time.

As soon as they got used to using the progressive forming die, he was punching away, easily able to achieve the 3,000 a week bracket quota his customer needed.


To this day, we continue to work with Maverick Metals, providing them with innovative tooling solutions.

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