Manufacturing Services

Forte offers a variety of manufacturing services to help create custom projects for a variety of industries.

Short-to-medium production runs

CNC turning and milling

Fabrication including welding and assembly

Short lead times

What we do

Design, CNC Milling, CNC Lathe, Welding, Heat Treating, Assembly, Press Work

A good tool stems from good design. Before we start any project, we make sure it works from a theoretical standpoint. Through our in-house 3D CAD designs, our Forte teams works closely with you to take your idea and find an innovative solution as to how it could work.
  • Concept of tools can be provided with quote
  • Complete CAD and drawings provided with completed tools
  • Work with a number of formats, including STEP, IGES, X_B, and DXFs
  • Designs approved before fabrication begins

CNC Milling

Our shop has a variety of CNC (computer numerical control) vertical milling machines with a wide range of machining capabilities, and an expert team that has many years of experience operating them to progressively remove material and create a custom-designed part or product.
  • Vertical Milling centres capable of machining molds up to 50” x 69” and 4000lbs
  • 4th-axis machining
  • High-feed milling
  • Machining of hardened tool steels

CNC Lathe

We also have CNC Lathe Turning centers that help run prototypes in addition to small-and-medium production runs.

  • Live tooling
  • Bar feeder
  • Capacity to swing 20” diameters by 60” long


Forte offers many kinds of welding, whether it’s ARC, MIG, or TIG. Our team of welders have many years of experience working with a variety of metals.

  • MIG (mild steel, stainless, and aluminum)
  • TIG
  • ARC
  • Silver solder and brazing

Heat Treating

Our high temperature furnaces enable us to heat treat a variety of materials that are needed in our die-making process. We also have the capability to anneal, normalize and temper many of these materials.
  • Two high-temperature ovens: 12” x 12” x 20” capacity
  • Offer water, air, and oil quench heat treating of tool steels and some grades of stainless steel.


Forte machines and assembles components, making sure that they meet customer specifications.
  • Can source and/or manufacture all components of assemblies
  • Can assemble larger machines, including gearboxes, motors, conveyors, and production-line components

Press Work

Using our 200-tonne hydraulic press, we test dies and manufacture formed parts.
  • Hydraulic press
  • Punch press
  • Press brakes
  • Die work and smaller forming work

Our demand exceeded our capacity and UltraSpan needed to find an alternative to meet that requirement. Outsourcing was a solution, and Forte helped deliver.


Forte has been a tremendous help when it comes to prototyping new parts that are currently unavailable in the market. We have relied on their expertise to help us develop solutions to customer problems and have been able to trust the quality of work. We have used Forte for production size opportunities and small jobs, and we are never disappointed. With Forte as a partner, we know that our expectations will be met or often exceeded.

Assistant Branch Manager, Source Atlantic Ltd.

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If you’re looking for a custom tool or machine, feel free to reach out to Forte and see how we can help bring your idea to life.

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Vertically integrated to offer single-source permanent mold aluminum and zinc alloy castings.

Specializing in production of aluminum castings through sand casting processes.

High-quality Teflon™, powder coating, and specialty surface finishes to aluminum, zinc, iron, and steel.