Engineering & Design

Forte offers a variety of foundry-focused tool and die services to help create custom projects for a variety of industries.

Collaborate with customers from start to finish

Use Solidworks and NX CAD design to see projects in 3D

Design from print or reverse engineer from sample

What we do

Design permanent mold tools, green sand patterns, holding jigs, machining fixtures & reverse engineering and prototyping services

Dies for foundry applications

Foundry trim dies can make removing flashing faster and safer than manual cutting and sanding. Forte has vast experience in all different types of die applications.

Punch dies can eliminate secondary machining processes.

  • Accurate repeatability of removing runners, gating, and/or flashing
  • Eliminates belt sanding
  • Faster, safer and more consistent than manual operation

Gating, Risers & Runners

Forte uses Solidworks, NX, and Magma software to create simulations to assist in gating design and placement for risers and runners. Forte provides a ready to use tool.

  • Our Engineering team will handle all aspects of design and optimization of gating, risers and runners for your molds & patterns
  • Eliminates the need for our customers to attempt trial & error design of these key features
  • Utilizing Magma simulation software we optimize material flow to maximize first shot success for all molds and patterns we produce
  • Eliminates castings defects: porosity, voids, shrinkage

Jigs and Fixtures

Ranging from simple drilling fixtures to complex welding and assembly fixtures, Forte produces a variety of innovative jigs and fixtures, to help bring your idea to life. Some projects have unique jigging requirements, but we have the expertise to ensure that parts (castings) are located correctly, securely, accurately and repeatably for whatever process is required. Let us know what your needs are, and we can design the right tool to meet them.

  • Holding fixtures for production machining of castings
  • High-precision inspection fixtures
  • High-precision inspection gauges, including thread gauges and go/no-go gauges
  • Saw fixtures to safely hold castings to remove risers and runners


To help you get it right, Forte offers full prototyping support for your project development. 

We offer 3D printed prototype patterns produced from ABS plastic. These solutions offer significantly reduced prototyping costs at a greatly reduced lead time.

We also offer fully machined sample parts from billet material to eliminate tooling investment and to get functional parts into your designers hands.

Whether you’re entering a new market or you need a concept tested, we can assist your business in knowing what works and what doesn’t.

  • Reverse engineer samples
  • Quick turnaround
  • Complex geometries
  • Small runs
  • Countless material options
  • Flexible to design changes and testing
  • Confidential process

Reverse Engineering Services

If CAD models or drawings are not available, our engineers can design and produce molds and patterns utilizing your existing sample parts. 

  • 3D scanning services
  • 3D printing of parts for design verification
  • Capable of reverse engineering from prototype sample parts and existing legacy parts
Our demand exceeded our capacity and UltraSpan needed to find an alternative to meet that requirement. Outsourcing was a solution, and Forte helped deliver.


I would highly recommend Forte to everybody without hesitation. They are a very professional organization and I can tell that they strive for customer service excellence. I have found them to be extremely competitive, courteous and knowledgeable, while remaining flexible and easy to deal with.

Assistant Branch Manager, Source Atlantic Ltd.

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